Anderson.Paak – the new go to guy?

Another “new” artist, 29 year old Anderson.Paak hailing from Oxnard, California who recently featured all over Dr Dre’s Compton album. Now I will admit the Compton album was the first time I’d heard him myself but he’s already put in a lot of work. Prior to this he’s released 4 projects and been a drummer for an american idol contestant. Anderson has a very distinctive high pitched/gravelly voice that shines on any song.

Lovejoy (2012)

O.B.E. Vol. 1 (2012)

Cover Art (2013)

The above were all mixtapes/projects with Cover Art being an interesting twist on your usual release. Paak decided to cover rock songs and turn them into neo-soul/funk flips just as rock artists had done with rnb music in the 50s onwards. Paak successfully puts his own vibe to all of these songs with his own production and vocals.

His actual debut album was “Venice” released in 2014, its a mixed up album of rnb, neo-soul, hip-hop and even leaning towards dance music closer to the end of the project.  Production from himself, Lo Def, DK, Kelsey Gonzales and Tokimonsta. It’s a solid album for a so called “newcomer” having a bit of everything for everyone.

“Miss Right” one of the singles which has more of a rnb vibe to it than some of the other tracks but gives you an idea of the album.

Onwards from this he has a joint project coming with LA producer Knxwledge as the duo “NxWorries”, now if you know of Knxwledge you should be excited about this project. Knxwledge has followed a long line of westcoast beatsmiths in creating his own sampled based sound which Paak flows over seamlessly.

For the less underground fans you should recognise his production on the Kendrick Lamar song on “Momma” from the “To Pimp a Butterfly” album.

Hearing Kendrick over a Knxlwedge beat is a real coup and is sure to increase his stock even more, plus its just a dope track.

With this switch between rapping, singing and in T-Pain’s words “sanging” through out the song Paak keeps you interested at every point. If the album is anything like this single it should be something special!

Also in the works is an EP with production duo Blended Babies that have a souled out funk vibe with some snapping drums to go with their bass lines.This should be something to look out for an a couple of tracks are already on soundcloud with the big track for me being “Make It Work” featuring Asher Roth.

This was just a short piece on artist that has caught my attention and I can’t wait for him to release more especially with some of the collaborations he’s involved in.


Ramblings of a music fan

Oh side note check out nxworries performing at Boiler Room


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