My new music picks…

Hello World!

Every week (or two) I’ll be posting up new music or just stuff that’s new to me you have never have heard. Or just dope shit that I like lol. This is the first run through I’m doing and I’ll see how it goes, hope you pick up some new songs!

So first up we have :

Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar-No More Parties In LA (Prod.Madlib)

Dope new track (That dropped this morning!) from Ye’ that was briefly teased in Stones Throws documentary “Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton” . This was supposedly recorded between the sessions of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and “Watch The Throne”. As many suggest this seems to be the return of the old Ye before he went all Yeezus.


Anderson Paak- Without You (Prod. 9th Wonder)

This is a soulful track sampling Hiatus Kyote (You should check them out by the way). This is probably my favourite track off of Paak’s new album “Malibu” at the moment but overall this is a great project and definitely lives up to the hype. Very cohesive project jumping from old style rnb to funk, disco and neo-soul type shit. This last point may sound contradictory but you really need to listen to the album to understand lol.


Torae- Together Ft Kil Ripkin & Shaquawna Shante (Prod. Praise)

This song is from Torae’s new kickstarter funded album “Entitled” another good new project out. Overall I like what Torae puts out and this album is no different but right now this song is doing it for me. Super soulful production by producer Praise and good chemistry between the artists on the track. Been banging this on repeat all day!

Black Milk- 4ever (Prod.Black Milk)

New loosie from Detroit’s very own Black Milk. Screaming soul sample and tight drums all over this track. Although this sound can be boring at times I do believe a lot of rappers are missing these kind of tracks from their catalogues. Especially with all the “Turn Up” music around at the minute, I guess its a sign of the times but its good to know this music still exists.

Loyle Carner – Mufasa (Prod. Coryayo)

Nice little groove here from South London rapper Loyle Carner. I can honestly say I’d never heard of him before his feature on the Tom Misch album “Beat Tape 2”. He’s got a laid back flow and style that works well for him. Seemingly has a good production team behind him so will definitely be one to watch in my eyes.


Fabolous – Real one ft Jazzy (Prod. Automatik)

This isn’t particularly new off of Fab’s last drop “Summertime Shootout” but its crazy! Flipping a sample of Lauryn Hill from The Fugees “Killin Me Softly” and Fab kills it plenty of quotable’s and a tight rhyme scheme throughout the track.


That’s it for today! (Don’t wanna give away everything on the first post)


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