Rare Groove/Soul Flashbacks!

In my previous post I mentioned putting up a selection of new or old songs that you may or may not have heard. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to a lot of soul, rare groove and funk etc. So in this case I thought it made sense to share some of this music with you guys. With the varying ages of readers I have some of you will think “chooooooooon” when you hear some of these tracks or some of you may have no clue about this music and dismiss it as boring.

I got into this type of music hugely in secondary school and sixth form when I started making beats and just wanted to sample everything going.
This goes from rare groove, boogie, disco to even jazz but I digress.

This is something I’ve wanted to put out, I’ll probably go back to current music next week or even on the weekend time pending.

Al Hudson & The Soul Partners-Spread Love (Released 1978)

Classic, Classic, Classic song! Absolutely love this jam and really typifies good music from this era.


The Jacksons – Blues Away (Released 1976)

Seemingly little known rare groove gem from The Jacksons. This is easily one of my favourite songs from the group and MJ himself.

Jeffree- Loves Gonna Last (Released 1979)

Big tune here! Initially released in the 70’s and apparently did pretty well when re-released in the 90’s. Absolutely beautifully arranged song from yet another one album wonder from the soul era.


Archie Bell & The Drells – Don’t Let Love Get You Down (Released 1976)

Not really gonna say anything about this one, if you know you know simple!


Finis Henderson – Skip To My Lou (Released 1983)

Guaranteed to get the dance floor moving! Dropped this in many parties and never see a person standing still. Such a feel good song and not super cheesy like some of 80s soul that you’ll find. (PS don’t watch the album cover according to my good friend rzexplainsall.blogspot.com this is due to the Crack/Cocaine influence in the 80s LOL)

George Benson- Turn Your Love Around (Released 1981)

There’s so much soul music to go around its near impossible to know it all. But this is a nice one from the smooth jazz/soul legend George Benson.

Amuzement Park- Groove Your Blues Away (Released 1982) 

This song does what it says! Always brings my mood up and I’m sure it will do the same for most of you. Can’t beat feel good music whatever the genre.

Hopefully from this little sample I’ve opened your minds a little bit to what’s out there! Going forward I definitely do posts on House, Rnb, Hip-Hop and everything in between. With valentines coming up I will be trying to put a little something together but we’ll see.


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