New music picks this week….#soulsundays

This week I’ve come across a couple of projects that have really caught me and I’ve had them on repeat.

Abhi//Dijon – Stay Up EP

Maryland based duo Abhi//Dijon dropped this EP last September and I’ve literally just come across it this morning. Such a tight RnB  project to release in this climate, I actually heard their song “Jon B” which is like a tribute of sorts and clearly very influenced by him. But I did not expect the rest of this project to be so dope! The production and vocals are on point, it’s a cohesive project without being boring and I’ve had it on repeat for the last 2 hours lol. This EP has everything I could ask for, especially coming from some people that are not so called “established artists”. There doesn’t seem to be much online about these guys but I’ll definitely be doing some research on them.

Spotify link is below and it’s also available as a free download on their website:




Next up we have:

Eric G- Another one! *DJ Khaled Voice* 

Eric G is a part of Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder’s production team “The Soul Council”. Personally I know of him for at least a few years now as I first heard him on some of Torae’s earlier projects. New York based with an authentic hip hop feel to his beats and of course full of what we here call soul! Eric G has previously released instrumental albums but recently released “Eric G invented the remix” in the same of vein of his mentor 9th Wonder’s remix series. Another one is a continuation of his remix tapes and according to his twitter 1 of at least 12 projects he’ll be dropping this year!

As you can imagine from the title he utilises voice clips from DJ Khaled’s recent snapchat rants and tirades that have had everybody quoting him. This project is very jazz/soul influenced beats wise and remixes tracks from Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign and more. He brings a completely different side to all of these artists tracks, imagine them in a smooth jazz club with a bunch of weed and an MPC or maschine. That’s what you get here.

This project is available on his bandcamp and you can name your price or buy his discography for $23.99 at the moment.

Eric G Another One


Now that I’ve covered the full projects there’s just a couple of single tracks I’d like to post today:

Tank – SLP 2

Real throwback to RnB intro’s here! Great song from Tank proving yet again that he didn’t really need to be in a group and that he can hold his own. Easily my favourite song off of his Sex, Love, Pain 2 album that dropped in January. Definitely worth a listen.


BJ The Chicago Kid – Church/Turning me up

One of my favourite “newer” artists BJ The Chicago Kid has been dropping fire for a good few years now and seems to finally be getting his dues. His album In My Mind dropped on 19th Feb and is very solid project. Gospel tinged RnB with a tough hip hop backdrop (sounds like a lot but its hard to describe). This whole album is worth hearing but the tracks I’m highlighting right now are Church and Turning me up.

Church has BJ groaning about a girl wanting him through the night but he’s got church in the morning. Fellow Chicago artist Chance the rapper features with a crazy little verse as usual.

Turning me up is BJ’s Marvin Gaye inspired record and is just so damn funky! Whether its the bass, the drums or the horns that get you, nodding your head can’t be helped. This song wouldn’t have been out of place in the Motown era.


That’s it for today but there’s a lot more to come I’ve definitely found some gems recently and want bring them to everyone’s attention bit by bit.

Catch you guys on the next post!


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