My soundcloud picks 01/03/16

I can admit I’ve been very ignorant when it comes to soundcloud, years ago a friend told me to check it out for new music, remixes and such that were under the radar. I’ve never really liked the search functionality and the amount of fake/duplicate profiles that pop up is extremely frustrating. As much as I dislike it sometimes there’s some really good music available from known to unknown artists for example Faith Evans has remade her first album and only made it available on soundcloud.


However, recently I came across some gems pretty much by accident. My brother sent me one track and once it finished I was linked to a bunch of other really dope tracks. This has renewed my confidence in soundcloud and I’ll definitely be scouring it from now on to find more music.

Below I’ve posted a small playlist of songs that caught my attention recently, some are old and some are new but all really good in my opinion.

First up we have a song from WIllow (Wilough) Smith of ” I whip my hair back and forth” fame. Named “Jimi” after Jimi Hendrix as she wrote this song at the age of 12 in Electric Lady Studios aka Jimi’s House. This is a real smooth sultry song and could easily fit into the current neo-soul sound like Hiatus Kayote for example.

Secondly we have BeMyFiasco with work on you. This is a nice chilled out RnB jam, solid production by Sir Tim out of Dallas and a very smooth vocal performance. At times reminiscent of Brandy on her own backing vocals, this is a refreshing song to come out at this time. Very little info available on this artist when I was looking around earlier, will be interesting to see what else comes from her.

Next up is Pittsburgh based multi-faceted artist Montell Fish with “Gone 4 You”. Very jazzy 90’s production laid on by Melo-Zed and assured performance of Rhyme’s and Singing by Montell himself. This is a song to just vibe to, imagining a chilled out house party or studio vibe to this. He has definitely caught my attention with this song and I’ll be checking out more of his stuff, no doubt you’ll be hearing more on the blog.

The fourth track is one of my favourites, East London artist Barney with the Tom Misch produced “Space”. This song is all about chemistry, laid black flows from Barney over such a soulful production from Misch. A definite head nodder here and leaves more to look forward to.

The fifth track is from Odesa, Ukraine based producer Lo.Vibe and is a messy, dope , chopped up flip of D’angelo “The Root”. For any beatmakers out there this is probably one for you. He seems to have a very high work rate based on his bandcamp and is one to watch.

The last track on this list is by DJ Harrison “James River Sounds” and sounds like it could have been an interlude on in the 90s. Very tight beat with rhodes and a groovy bassline, definitely looking forward to hearing more from this guy.


At the moment this kind of posting is all trial and error but I’m aiming to make this a regular thing and improve the quality with each post. Hopefully you enjoyed the brief read and the music that went along with it.


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