Tom Misch Live@ The Bussey Building

What a night at The Bussey Building!

Last night Producer/Singer Tom Misch had his first headline show and it was amazing! If you haven’t heard the name before you’ll be hearing it a lot now!

I first heard about Tom Misch about a year ago on okayplayer, to my surprise he was a young londoner and his music was very,very dope!. Fast forward a year later he and his fellow artists have released a lot of good music and built a nice buzz leading up to this show.

The night started with a DJ set by Bearcubs playing a nice blend of hip hop getting the crowd moving. Definitely helped build the vibe for the first act which was none other than Carmody. She set her performance off with a track called “For Desire” which is beautifully put together. Very smooth song and she definitely has a distinctive voice and style. I can’t name the remainder of her songs as the 1st has been stuck in my head lol. Definitely looking forward to hearing more material from her.

Throughout her set Tom, Loyle Carner and Barney Artist were chilling around the edges chatting to people and enjoying the show. I managed to have a little chat with Barney and he was so cool, basically saying how crazy the whole thing is. Like imagine just a group of friends that make music and all of a sudden people are taking notice. He has his own headline show on the 5th of June by the way and is definitely worth checking out. You can buy tickets here and here

Around 9.20 Tom popped onto the stage and started jamming with his band as they burst into “The Journey” from the Beat Tape 2 project. If you know the project you’ll know that this was a perfect start to the show. Set the mood perfectly for his performance.

Next up was a rendition of “Sunshine” which was very guitar driven and definitely brought out more elements than the studio version. Very smooth and had everyone vibing (as you can hear in the video lol )


Carmody then came back to the stage to join Tom for “Release Me” which is from their joint EP “Out to Sea”. This is just such a nice track, there’s no other way for me to describe it. Tom and Carmody definitely have a real chemistry on record.


Boom another special guest! Loyle Carner came out to do one of my personal favourites from the Beat Tape 2 project “Night gowns”. This track is a vibe anyway but hearing it live was even better than I could have imagined. The band were so tight and Loyle flowed over the beat like it was nothing. Another guy to check out as well, I’m sure he sold out his recent London shows and other European dates.

Tom then dropped a new track called “I Wish” if you follow him on instagram you’ll have heard a snippet of it. Boy is this s*** funky!, it skips from almost a slow jam into a funked out jam at the chorus. So well constructed, full of great chords and a tight bass line. 50 seconds into the video below you’ll hear the drop I talked about, the crowd went mad! (Including me). That kind of beat that makes you pull the nasty face.


Next up we had Barney Artist jump on stage and perform “Space” from his “Bespoke” project. He brought a lot of energy to the stage, especially considering this is a mid tempo song. Special shouts to the band on this one as they fully recreated the vibe of the original song and even improved on it in pieces.


I stopped recording for a while but I’m sure Tom dropped “Wander with me” with Carmody at some point through out the show and one of the other cuts from Beat Tape 2. He then claimed it was the end of the show about 10 minutes early lol. After literally 30 seconds of encore screams he came back out with the band and his sister.They proceeded to drop “Follow” their 2013 collaboration, which to my shame I had never heard before. But whoa is all I can say, a hip hop beat with clear jazzed out influences with the walking bass and Laura Misch on the sax. What a way to end the show!


Honestly so happy that I managed to make this show, Tom Misch is one of my favourite new artists and clearly destined for big things. At least I can say I went to his first headline show. Also I’ve gotta mention apart from literally 3 people the crowd were great too, it’s not often you get that at gigs nowadays. Hoping to see more from this camp of artists and I’m steadily awaiting the live album that will be dropping at some point.

(Apologies for some of the sound quality on the videos, but being near the speakers can kill it sometimes lol)


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