New Soundcloud Picks 22/09/2016

So yet again it’s been a while, I’ve pretty much had a month off of everything and now I’m back at it with some more Soundcloud gems. There’s a few UK artists included today as well and I’m definitely on the lookout for some more to include. On that note I’ve come across a lot more to share but didn’t want to stuff it all into one post. But it’s safe to say there’s a lot to come so watch this space.

All artists details are in each Soundcloud post if you are interested.


Age of L.U.N.A- Blow Me Away 

This one is a bit of a sleeper initially released about 6 months ago I believe and seem to slip under the radar. Another sultry jam from the UK based group that seem to keep dropping hot singles.


Tom Misch- Remember

A soul driven joint from the one and only Tom Misch. Flipping a sample from Motown stalwarts the Four Tops. Starting with a typical mid tempo groove, Tom turns it into a bit more of a dance jam. Added synths and melodies beef up the track a bit and make it sound like more of a fully produced track rather than an easy sample flip. As his post actually says he’s been busy making his debut album but there’s always room for beats!


Children of Zeus- Still Standing

Manchester based duo  Konny Kon & Tyler Daley (formerly known by the moniker Hoodman) come together here to drop, I quote that “Fly Lo-Fi dusty street soul”. First of all I’m slightly ashamed to say I’ve only heard of these guys recently, secondly that is a very accurate description!. One of my favourite tracks at the minute, these guys seem to be performing all around the UK at the minute so be sure to catch them when you can.

Rapper Big Pooh – Relax Yourself Ft Moses (Prod by Praise)

Feel good jam here from former Little Brother member Big Pooh. Over the years he’s dropped projects certifying himself as a solo artist much as Phonte has. Praise provides the soulful back drop here for Pooh’s laid back flows. On that note if you see anything with Praise’s name on it LISTEN to it. I first heard the guys production on Torae’s last album and everything was a banger. Since then I’ve caught bits and pieces of his stuff. Also shouts to Moses that provides a powerful chorus.

Blu x Union Analogtronics Ft Olivier St.Louis – City Dreams

The prodigal son Blu returns with an electro soul tinged track. Produced by Union Analogtronics and featuring the smooth vocals of Olivier St Louis (formerly known as Olivier Daysoul). Sonically this is probably a slight departure from where you might expect Blu to be but is definitely worth a listen.

Guts- All or Nothing Ft Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia

One of my favourite tracks at the minute, off of Guts “Eternal” project. Smooth laid back neo-soul 2 stepping vibes here, yes that’s a mouthful but accurate. Von Pea and Don Will drop a couple nice verses and chorus backed by Lorine Chia. Much of this is live instrumentation and really brings the song to life. There’s actually a stadium performance of this song too.


Abhi/Djion – Ignore

The latest single from the Maryland based duo Abhi/Dijon from their next EP soon coming. I can’t go on about how good these guys are, their last EP “Stay Up” is amazing, no skippage (this should really be a real word) whatsoever. Great production, melodies, lyrics, vocal performance everything!

That’s all from me today make you sure you check out the usual social media pages there will be more stuff going up over the next month. A few interesting gigs coming up along with some new projects dropping.


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