Tom Misch Live @ Village Underground

Been a while since I’ve posted anything so I decided to go through my drafts and actually start finishing them *shocked face*. Got a few throwback posts so to speak that haven’t seen the light of the day. Below is the Tom Misch headline show at Village Underground, got a few more like Terrace Martin & The Pollyseeds, MNDSGN, Elhae and Black Milk gig reviews  I never posted. Hope you enjoy!


23rd November 2016… A date that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. This is the day that Tom Misch returned to London to do only his 2nd headline show in the city since his initial show in May. That first headline show was genuinely one of the best gigs I’ve ever been too and didn’t think it could be topped at all. But this time he and his team really outdid theirselves, everything from the visuals to the sound improved. The improvs and breakdowns during songs were just epic! That is the only way to describe it, the musicianship was off the scale.

This show as like London United, special guests left right and centre, all lapping up the attention of a frenzied crowd. Carmody started off the show very nicely setting the vibe as usual with a good reaction from the crowd. At this point all of the artists performing including Tom himself are still genuinely shocked by the receptions they get. Carmody has been a frequent collaborator with Tom over the last few years and performed a few of her recent releases and also some new material.


The stage set out for this show was just epic! Tom’s live show has really come on leaps and bounds. The lighting was on another level  (as you can see from the pics) and the image work from beat tape 2 was on a huge drop down from the rafters. Some how I feel the band has got even tighter and really expanded on their performances on each song. Expanded solos and great background during each one.

I loved every second of the night not one thing wrong performance wise, but the highlight of the night had to be the medley of Tom Misch beats at the end when Loyle Carner and Barney Artist came out and freestyled. Too dope! Never expected to see a cypher at one of Tom’s show but I was definitely shown otherwise lol.

At the end of the medley the whole crew walked off stage where the crowd did the inevitable and chanted “one more song, one more song” until Tom and the guys came back out. Forever the cynic even without referring to the track list for the night I knew that their initial disappearance was never the end of the show. Just another enjoyable moment to get the crowd to chant lol.

Thanks for the read people!

More to come from this space.

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