Children of Zeus…the next big thing?

I just wanted to take a little time to write about Children of Zeus. If you don’t know them now you should do soon!

Children of Zeus are a duo consisting of Tyler Daley (formerly known as Hoodman) and Konny Kon previously of Broke’n’English and Microdisiacs. Both have been in the UK music scene for years and been in various groups. But by all accounts they started to work together about 7/8 years ago at least after a chance meeting between their respective crews at the time. Both rap and produce while Tyler also sings, very well I might add.

I’m almost ashamed to say I only heard their work last year. The single “still standing” has been floating around since last April, released through First Word records. A smoothed out jam which was also remixed by Lenzman ft DRS into a DnB smash!

They dropped their EP ” The Story so Far”  last October, this was basically a compilation of music they’ve made together over the last 7/8 years or so. Although they disagree I honestly believe it sounds like a cohesive project and is easily one of my favourite projects of 2017. If you think about that just a collection of music you’ve made over the years actually sounds better than some peoples albums! The aim clearly wasn’t to advertise it as an album as they spent hours on social media reminding everyone it was actually an EP.

Really what I wanted to get to is that these guys have brought back real music. It seems nowadays you can only get really good soulful music from independent acts! Bear in mind that for a lot of people at independents especially in the UK it can be quite difficult. If you look at what’s popular in the UK market right now it’s a lot of  the same boring melodic rap/sing song stuff for example “Barking”. I’m not gonna diss Ramz as he’s doing his thing, more power to him but it typifies the current sound right now.  This makes me a lot more appreciative when someone like Children of Zeus drop a project to real fanfare and manage to perform all over the place.

We spoke about them briefly with DJ Snips below on our Beats, Rhymes and Life podcast.

It’s rare that you get music of such a high quality that isn’t really shared around. However now that they’ve been co-signed by Jazzy Jeff among others they’re finally getting some of the shine that they deserve. With a genuine debut album (not an EP) to drop from these guys in the summer; 2018 looks to be a big year for the Manchester duo.

Hope you enjoyed the brief read, that’s me for now..

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