The Podcast Boom! ( a 2 year old post) funny how things change

Podcast = a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Now in the last few years or so, podcasts have become huge! Especially in regards to music, group chats and many other topics. A lot of people taking the whole barbershopapproach to podcasts. Basically an informal group chat. Previously there were a lot around but subject specific and more like fictional radio shows. However more recently everyone and their brother/mother etc have been dropping podcasts. Just as everyone blogs….. *coughs* it’s the next “in thing”.

At this point you can buy a £50 podcast set up and record in your front room if you want, so I would imagine this kind of accessibility has helped progress the genre. On the other hand a lot record in studios too. ( we do!)

I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed pretty much any podcast I’ve listened to ranging over a massive number of subjects.

At the moment my top podcasts are probably:

The Joe Budden Podcast

Drink Champs

3 Shots of Tequila (new favourite of mine, I was late on the take up here)

Tax Season

3 out of these 4 cover music as a main part or based on it with hosts being rappers or interviewing rappers. But you’ll find that most episodes branch out and take you away from that sole subject and cover everyday life.

The above was written 2 years ago……

Now my favourites are slightly amended:

Joe Budden Podcast

DMD Podcast

Brilliant Idiots

Beats, Rhymes & Life Podcast (gotta plug my own pod lol)

Honourable mentions to Off The Cuff, The Receipts, Blacklisted and 3 shots of tequila (still a fan but don’t listen so frequently)

But all in all the podcast genre has expanded even more. Especially in the “urban” market, I think it’s something that we’re all more in tune to now. Whether you want music, jokes, information or all out critique, sometime even a mix lol. I honestly believe at this point there’s room for everyone, of course there will be varying degrees of success.

That’s me for today….



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