The Breaks Bringing 90’s Hip Hop To The Masses

Clap your hands everybody if you got what it takes coz I'm Kurtis Blow and these are the breaks!!!! The Breaks is a new show that focuses on the early 90's hip hop scene from a fictional perspective. Written, produced and directed by Seth Mann (Former director of the wire) The film opened to 2.6 million viewers in … Continue reading The Breaks Bringing 90’s Hip Hop To The Masses


What is good music to you?

I'm someone that is very much an old soul when it comes to music, I could happily sit and listen to music from 50s, 60s, 70s etc all day long. But I'm not just about "old" music I believe that music back then even as late as the 90s/00s really made you feel something. Whether … Continue reading What is good music to you?

9th Wonder and Jamla

9th Wonder is a Grammy award winning producer hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been instrumental in a different brand of hip hop from the south. Starting with his group Little Brother with Phonte and Big Pooh, onto projects with the remainder of the crew Justus League. Having produced for everyone from Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, … Continue reading 9th Wonder and Jamla

Anderson.Paak – the new go to guy?

Another "new" artist, 29 year old Anderson.Paak hailing from Oxnard, California who recently featured all over Dr Dre's Compton album. Now I will admit the Compton album was the first time I'd heard him myself but he's already put in a lot of work. Prior to this he's released 4 projects and been a drummer … Continue reading Anderson.Paak – the new go to guy?

Jay Rock 90059 Album Review

TDE's very own hitter Jay Rock finally dropped his 90059 album on 11th September after an interesting marketing campaign from the label. The release date for Jay Rocks album was put up as October 2016 and would only be pushed forward with each pre order until they upped the date to September 2015. A bit … Continue reading Jay Rock 90059 Album Review

Oddisee & Good Company at the Jazz Cafe

So if you haven't heard of Oddisee and his band Good Company you really need to do some research. Oddisee has been around for years now, I first heard of him in Lo Budget Crew with Kev Brown and Kenn Starr (and many others) as a rapper and producer at the time. Then Oddisee started … Continue reading Oddisee & Good Company at the Jazz Cafe

Hello world!

Hi everyone and anyone that would possibly read this! I decided to start a blog relating to my music,gaming and film interests. Reason being is that according to my friends every time any of the above are mentioned I get into "critic mode" for example the director of said film was the producer of another … Continue reading Hello world!