Children of Zeus…the next big thing?

I just wanted to take a little time to write about Children of Zeus. If you don't know them now you should do soon! Children of Zeus are a duo consisting of Tyler Daley (formerly known as Hoodman) and Konny Kon previously of Broke'n'English and Microdisiacs. Both have been in the UK music scene for … Continue reading Children of Zeus…the next big thing?


What a week in music!

So in the last week we've had albums from Oddisee, Jonwayne, Thundercat, DJ Jazzy Jeff and his personal selection of DJ's, producers, songwriters etc and the much-anticipated GSAP (Gang signs and Prayer) by UK artist Stormzy. On top of this Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have exchanged indirect bars over remixes before it bubbled over … Continue reading What a week in music!

My Dad…One of my musical influences

This idea just came to me randomly today, on fathers day ironically enough. I'm always writing about my preferences on what I think about music. Yet I've never really delved into how this came about. Obviously musical influences came from both parents... but this is Fathers day lol. From the early days my dad was … Continue reading My Dad…One of my musical influences

My new music picks…

Hello World! Every week (or two) I'll be posting up new music or just stuff that's new to me you have never have heard. Or just dope shit that I like lol. This is the first run through I'm doing and I'll see how it goes, hope you pick up some new songs! So first … Continue reading My new music picks…

The Breaks Bringing 90’s Hip Hop To The Masses

Clap your hands everybody if you got what it takes coz I'm Kurtis Blow and these are the breaks!!!! The Breaks is a new show that focuses on the early 90's hip hop scene from a fictional perspective. Written, produced and directed by Seth Mann (Former director of the wire) The film opened to 2.6 million viewers in … Continue reading The Breaks Bringing 90’s Hip Hop To The Masses