Is streaming good or bad for music and the fans?

So the current subject that won't ever change until the next evolution of music is streaming!  There's many angles to this subject, in general streaming is seen as quite harsh to the artist. For example the average Spotify stream payment is something like 00.4p per stream. Although Spotify claim this isn't the case it's been passed … Continue reading Is streaming good or bad for music and the fans?


The Podcast Boom! ( a 2 year old post) funny how things change

Podcast = a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. Now in the last few years or so, podcasts have become huge! Especially in regards to music, group chats and many … Continue reading The Podcast Boom! ( a 2 year old post) funny how things change

A catch up with Children of Zeus…

So my last post was an introduction and hype up of Children of Zeus. I decided to follow up on it and actually ask them a few questions. The guys were kind enough to answer them for me, we kept it brief but I hope you enjoy! Where did the name Children of Zeus come … Continue reading A catch up with Children of Zeus…

Children of Zeus…the next big thing?

I just wanted to take a little time to write about Children of Zeus. If you don't know them now you should do soon! Children of Zeus are a duo consisting of Tyler Daley (formerly known as Hoodman) and Konny Kon previously of Broke'n'English and Microdisiacs. Both have been in the UK music scene for … Continue reading Children of Zeus…the next big thing?

The Legend of J Dilla (Jay Dee) to me…

10th of February 2006 the day the one and only Jay Dee passed. I remember my barber at the time called me up in bits telling me he'd passed. Around this time would probably be my height of Stanism for Jay. I really felt it when he died, we don't know these artists/producers personally but … Continue reading The Legend of J Dilla (Jay Dee) to me…

RBMA Paths Unknown London

I managed to get my hands on a ticket for the latest in a long line of Red Bull Showcases last Saturday. This was part of the "paths unknown" showcases and workshops being held in London and Sheffield. Toddla T took charge of the Sheffield workshop and the actual gig was billed as him and … Continue reading RBMA Paths Unknown London

Beats, Rhymes & Life Podcast

I'll start this off by saying Procrastination is unfortunately one of my "best" traits. I'll put off anything and everything. "I'll do it in a  minute." "yeah at some point" " let's sort it out next week". In fact it should just be my name, like Prince. "Procrastination" But to (finally!) get round to my … Continue reading Beats, Rhymes & Life Podcast

Tom Misch Live @ Village Underground

Been a while since I've posted anything so I decided to go through my drafts and actually start finishing them *shocked face*. Got a few throwback posts so to speak that haven't seen the light of the day. Below is the Tom Misch headline show at Village Underground, got a few more like Terrace Martin … Continue reading Tom Misch Live @ Village Underground

What a week in music!

So in the last week we've had albums from Oddisee, Jonwayne, Thundercat, DJ Jazzy Jeff and his personal selection of DJ's, producers, songwriters etc and the much-anticipated GSAP (Gang signs and Prayer) by UK artist Stormzy. On top of this Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have exchanged indirect bars over remixes before it bubbled over … Continue reading What a week in music!